Postern of Fate

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Postern of Fate

According to the myth of Plato’s Republic, Anankē is the goddess of necessity, destiny, and fate; Moira the portion of fate are apportioned; and Tychē the unpredictable “luck of the draw” that we are all subject to. Today, these archetypal figures of myth have been replaced by the mathematical formulation of chaos theory. Edward Lorenz, the creator of chaos theory, describes almost intransitive systems as: “systems of equations possessing solutions which behave in one manner for an extended period of time, and then change more or less abruptly to another mode of behavior for an equally long time.” In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions. It is a term used to describe systems that can have radically different outcomes arising from minute changes in their variables.

A Lorenz attractor is a chaotic system that revolves around two poles, alternating at seemingly random intervals and never following any single path twice.

But like the myths of old, science puts forward these proposals to account for our capricious universe and to impart some measure of predictability into our lives.

Emergenesis is a theory of genetics by which unique characteristics are the result of genetic material inherited from both parental lines.

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